washing machine repair

Washing Machine

With extensive experience in washing machine repairs and installation, our qualified experts are willingto help with any customer issues. As one of the most important appliances in your household, washing machines require more repairs with more use. Oz Appliance Repairs will ensure that you have a properly working washing machine as soon as possible. We are happy to assist with any of these issues in the comfort of your home.


At Oz Appliance Repairs, we provide quick and efficient installation and repairs of dishwashers. Common issues regarding dishwashers include broken pumps, leaking hoses, clogged hoses, and dysfunctional circuit boards. We are happy to fix any of these issues along with any other issues our customers may come upon. We will do the job efficiently, the right way.

dishwasher repair
oven repair


Our qualified experts are happy to repair and install ovens of all leading brands in your home. While all oven brands require specific arts and handling, we are able to assist in any of your oven needs. Because ovens are such an important home appliance, we at Oz Appliance Repairs will work quickly and efficiently to get your oven working perfectly.

Cooktop & Stove

Our experts at Oz Appliance Repairs are more than familiar with the installation and repairing of Cooktop & Stove in customer homes. Cooktop & Stove can often stop heating, falsely indicate heat, or disconnect with heating elements. We are happy to fix any of these issues with Cooktop & Stove, and we will do so in a timely and efficient manner.

cooktop repair
dryer repair


We at Oz Appliance Repairs also have widespread experience and knowledge when it comes to the installation and repairing of dryers. Whether your dryer be lacking power, not spinning, or not drying clothes, our experts are happy to help. We can fix any of these issues and more within the comfort of your home in an efficient manner.

Range hood

Often, range hoods can stop extracting air, can be louder than usual, or can lack power altogether. Our experts at Oz Appliance Repairs will help customers with any of these repairs, as well as with installation. As range hoods are an essential appliance in everyday cooking, we will work to repair and install your range hood quickly and in the right way.

range hood repair